Warmly celebrate the new launch of SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED website  
Release time:May 15,2020 The publisher:SMART-CORE DTDS

2020 May, in order to meet the needs of the business development of the company, to better serve customers in India and Southeast Asia, the company's Web site was revised upgrade, new on-line now!

The new website includes five major sections: About, Product lines, Solutions, Support, and Contact.

The Solotions section mainly contains the Group's solutions for overseas market promotion, including product solutions such as Advertising machine, IPC, driving recorder, etc .; the Support section mainly contains the hardware and software technical support that the Group can provide, as well as some technical information; the Contact section mainly adds an online message function to facilitate customers to contact us.

This website upgrade better demonstrates SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED's products and services, and the website will be updated later. Welcome to give us valuable suggestions!


SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED was established in 2018 by a joint venture of Smart-core Holdings (70%) and DTDS Group (30%). The company's positioning is to become Mediatek's largest TV and STB chip distributor in India and Southeast Asia Quotient. Relying on the distribution channels of Smart-core Holdings and DTDS, as well as the mutual expertise and experience of both sides, SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED has deeply cultivated the Indian electronic component distribution market for 18 years,which has a broad customer base and deep electronics industry contacts.