About Us  

SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED is a joint venture of Smart-Core Development Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smart-Core Holdings, and DTDS Technology Pte. Ltd (DTDS), in which each party holds 70% and 30% of the shares, respectively.

Smart-Core Holdings was established in 2005, a leading distributor and technical value-added service provider in China, dedicated to offering complete solution and chips packaging sales service as well as professional technical support to customers, aiming to reduce the R&D cost of our client and time to market.

DTDS was established in 2001, a leading company in the distribution of electronic parts and components, with a full-fledged office including sales, marketing, operations and finance team in their Singapore headquarter, to support their channel partners and fulfill customer needs. DTDS focuses on the end solution design and development to support the key business of the electronic manufacturing field.

The subsidiary has a regional headquarter in Bangalore, India, and multiple sales offices located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Pune, and Hyderabad. Combined with the expertise and experience of both parties through their resources and channels, the subsidiary will mainly provide various digital solutions as well as electronic component trade-related services mainly in the India and Southeast Asian markets.


◎ Provide customers with complete consumer electronic product design solutions.

◎ customer-oriented,high quality services ,quick response.