Smart-Core Holdings set up a joint venture with DTDS ,for the Indian and Southeast Asia market  
Release time:July 20, 2018 The publisher:SMART-CORE DTDS

On July 20, 2018, SMART-CORE Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMART-CORE Holdings Limited ("SMART-CORE development"), signed a joint venture agreement with DTDS to establish a joint venture company in Hong Kong and subscribe for new shares in the joint venture company. The total share capital issued by the joint venture company is US $ 1 million, and SMART-CORE Development and DTDS have invested US $ 700,000 and US $ 300,000 respectively, holding 70% and 30% of the equity of the joint venture company.

On July 31, the joint venture company SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED was established in Hong Kong, which will mainly provide electronic component trade related services to the Indian and Southeast Asian markets. SMART-CORE DTDS LIMITED will use the resources of SMART-CORE Holdings, the distribution channels of DTDS and the mutual expertise and experience of both parties to cooperate with each other to penetrate the Indian and Southeast Asian markets and expand the group's customer base.

About Smart-core Holdings :

Smart-core Holdings Limited ("Smart-core Holdings", stock code: 02166.HK) is a leading local distributor of electronic components in China, mainly engaged in display, set-top boxes, storage, optical communications, Internet of Things and other fields Authorized agent and technology value-added service for well-known semiconductor brands. The main product lines include MTK, Sigmastar, Toshiba, Nanya, Airoha, Rafael, Parade, etc. Smart-core Holdings has long been guided by the value-added technology, through close cooperation with the source of technology, deep integration of industry resources, relying on technical solutions and technical support, to provide one-stop electronics for the majority of blue-chip customers and small and medium customers Component supply chain services.

About DTDS:

DTDS Technology Pte. Ltd. ("DTDS" ) was established in 2001 and is a leading and mainstream distribution company in the field of electronic components. Its Singapore headquarters has a mature team, including sales, marketing, operations and finance teams, to support channel partners to fulfill their customers' needs. DTDS focuses on the design and development of terminal solutions to support all key areas in the field of electronics manufacturing.